and WTF happened to Knowa Knowone?

I know it seems like I’ve come down with Multiple Personality Disorder (especially to my Facebook friends), but there’s a method to the madness, here’s the whole story:

When I was about 16 and got my first set of turntables, I decided that I would go by DJ Knowone, because it sounded like my given name Noah, but had that graffiti-esque, old school hiphop style that was the thing back then. After many years of just being DJ Knowone, I was ready to just change my name altogether, but I wanted to keep some continuity because people already knew me as Knowone, so i just tacked it on, thus “Knowa Knowone“.

That was damn near like 2008, so all my Muti releases and Street Ritual releases have been as Knowa Knowone, which I discovered upon touring in Europe and abroad, is basically just gibberish to anyone that doesn’t speak english, and even to most that do. Its a mouthful to say, and an even bigger mouthful to explain. Anyways, Its time to freshen things up, and for no real reason at all, i’ve decided to switch to the svelte Knowa Lusion, which when said properly, sounds like “no illusion“.

I think my fans will take the switch pretty easily, and new people hearing my music will like it better than Knowa Knowone. And if you say it wrong, it still sounds cool and frenchy, so i don’t really mind. Try to mispronounce it, its like you’re saying “no illusion” with a really bad french accent. It also still contains the witty double meaning of “no illusion” and to “know illusion”, both equally important qualities of character.

Some people want to know, is this a new character with a new style of music? The answer is yes and no. I’ve aways been very eclectic and into new styles of music. I do plan on delving into new territory, but most of ya’ll probably won’t think its that far off. About this time last year I was really following the Boom Bap and Neuro styles of what is becoming mainstream Glitch Hop, and pretty proud of it too. I mean, a style of EDM that I helped invent has become one of the biggest new genres in music. Since then i’ve been drawn slowly more toward the dumb and funky world of Trap and Twerk, and oddly enough, been working on some tunes that may end up being that kind of singer/songwriter ish indie electronica. Don’t get worried, its some really good stuff!
So, that’s about it, keep on the lookout for new Knowa Lusion tunes, shows, and follow, link and share! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the new music!

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