Crirical Beats Amazon Secrets CoverKnowa Knowone and Street Ritual team up with Critical Beats and musicians from the Amazon to raise awareness and funds for rainforest preservation. 100% of the money donated is going directly to groups working to preserve the Amazon Rainforest and the indigenous cultures of the people that live there. All the music is gifted, the indigenous tracks, my work, its all given for the benefit of the forests. Get more info at

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Exclusive: Knowa Knowone Talks Critical Beats/His New Release and Saving the Amazon

This music is truly progressive, weaving indigenous Peruvian songs into modern electronic virtuosity. The result is intended to connect listeners to the hearts and prayers of indigenous Amazonians and inspire them to join the struggle to preserve our planet’s most precious ecological resource. Knowa’s trademark dirty basslines, hypnotic drum programming and swirling sound design surround a beautiful collage of natural sounds and human life. “Amazon Secrets” plays with elements of dark glitch, summertime dub and that unmistakable West Coast flavor; while “Girls Initiation” grinds on a slow, exotic vibe, with sparkling melodies and meticulously crafted breakbeats chopped up around an unrelenting, heavy low end.

Amazon Secrets by Knowa

Cover art by:
Isaac Mills / Mugwort Designs

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