Mr Roachclip – Knowa Knowone Remix by Knowa

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Mr Roachclip

Mr. Roachclip is a man of wisdom, cultural diversity, and complex values. Based on his worldly travels he has influenced many, as shown in this diverse collection of tribute songs. Bay Area crunkologist, Knowa Knowone, provides the slick “2k remix” of ‘Mr Roachclip’ which includes some studio parts recorded by NYC’s Zebrakatz Mc and engineer Mike Dextro. Known for his work on Street Ritual and Muti Music, Knowa drops the tempo, with a grimey 70bpm bass heavy dubstep rendition layered with Zebrakatz’s blunted lyrics and vocoder tricknology.

Coming from the open plains of Fresno, California, house producer P-rez provides an acid-filled house remix, layered with psychedelic synths and serious dancefloor boogie.

BF label co-founder Scottie B who had the initial inspiration for this project, pounds the floor, with a deep techno composition with a driving minimal vibe.

Blunted Funk Recordings: BF018 – Mr. Roachclip Ep

a1: Mr. Roachclip (f. Mike Dextro & mc Zebrakatz) “Knowa Knowone’s 2k remix”
a2: Mr. Roachclip (f. Mike Dextro & mc Zebrakatz) “Knowa Knowone’s 2k instr.”
a3: Mr. Roachclip “Scottie B’s dankfunk remix”
a4: Mr. Roachclip “P-rez zig-zaggin’ remix”

Digital release: exclusive Feb 1st on Beatport; everywhere else February 21st, 2011

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