Update: Soundcloud free downloads have run out. Get the tune for free here: http://music.knowaknowone.com/track/sullen-sultry-knowa-knowone-remix

Here it is, a hot free download to follow up the new Ill-Esha release on Street Ritual: Kitsch vs. Glitch.

ill-esha – Sullen Sultry (Knowa Knowone Remix) by Knowa

About the new Ill-Esha single:

Ill-esha - Kitsch vs. Glitch

Once upon a time in the Pacific Northwest, Miss ill-esha was meticulously crafting away, knitting together threads of jazz, ethnic and electronic music. Half a world away in Europe, Miss GiGi provoked the scene with her tantalizing mix of performance art and musical experimentation, creating visual projections in an array of costumes. One day this Queen of Kitsch descended from her starry cloud to encounter the glitchy soundscapes of ill-esha. Digging in her treasure chest for Kitsch Palace’s finest gems, ill-esha warped and wobbled to her heart’s content…

Elements from the resulting collaborations were originally featured on the electro-pop-influenced Kitsch Palace album, “Tales from the Wonderground”. Sliced with surgical precision by ill-esha’s glitched-out scalpel, both tracks find a fresh energy. The story of a reckless Mata Hari takes on a new groove with warm, heavy bass, uplifting pads and funked-out syncopation. Eurodance-influenced “Shiki Miki” is draped in loungey velvet, surrounded with lush harmonies and purple-tinged atmospheres. Both tunes feature ill-esha’s trademark R&B-laced melodies blended with a sassy splash of Kitsch.

Soundcloud Preview Set Link: http://soundcloud.com/street_ritual/sets/kitsch-meets-glitch-ep/

Addictech Product Link: http://www.addictech.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=67277





Cheers from your friends at Street Ritual!! 



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